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Archive copy should the internet break...
Some chap on Steam Forums... wrote: I tried these out for the past hour and it is a night and day difference and very easy to use. Just download the file, and drop one of the two FFB folders into your documents/project cars folder. This FFB folder is used by the game when you start it, so it couldnt be easier. If for some reason you want to go back to your old settings its as easy as just deleting the FFB folder you made.

Explanation from the author ... post891198

(Now that this is a sticky I have updated the download link to include both FFB options created by Jack Spade. You can choose to use one or the other FFB folders. Please read his explanation in the links above to see which FFB folder you would rather use. )

FFB file download v1.6 ... 5647268723
Author of FFB Profiles... wrote: Tweaker Files Sets

Folder 1. Standard
Classic parameters Fx,Mz,Fy,Fz - but additional SopDiff. bumps/kerbs/road feel from the rear tires, solves phase issues.

Folder 2. Fy+SopLateral Mix
Side load mix (front/rear) 2/3 + 1/3 by forces not by numbers. FFB feels slightly different but gives more feel what the rear
of the car is doing, all other parameters as Standard.

Folder 3. 66% SopLateral
Featuring Side Load Forces derived from the Rear. The character of SopLateral leaves Mz more space to breathe, allows about
10% - 13% increased Master Scale and Sop Scale values than in other sets. Entering curves the wheel slightly feels lighter than
usual but compensates with more dynamic, you gain more feel when the tail wants to step out.
In the Fy+SopLateral Mix version Fy (side load front) is dominating, besides the Master Levels this is the main difference.

Folder 4. Bumps Plus
Based on the Fy+SopLateral Mix version, more Rock´n Roll from bumps and kerbs, clipping not ruled out.

Folder 5. Brake Rumble
Some people asked in the forum and in several PMs about this effect - in game Fx = longitudinal force. Fx is equally cranked
up on all cars, it´s a temporary force so it won´t spoil the core balance. Though cranked up there is just little effect on lots of
cars. As reference check the Radicals and the Caterham 500 on Oulton Park.
This version is based on Fy+SopLateral Mix and bumps/kerbs response is slightly increased too.

Note, in all versions the core settings or ratio of forces are conform the laws of physics (SMS interpreted, human error included)
so they correctly mirror the car´s situation on any type of FFB wheel. As the side load forces are derived from different sources
(front/rear) their special mix balance determine the character of FFB feel. At this point the different versions may become a matter
of taste rather than wrong or right.
Author update..> wrote: Tweaker Files V1.7 Update Notes

1. DLC cars added - Audi R18 etron, Audi R8 LMP900, Audi 90 IMSA GTO

2. LMP 1 cars readjusted to match the Audi R18 etron - Audi R18, LMP RWDP 30, Marek RP 339h LMP1

3. Since patch 2.5 Low Speed Spring Coefficient & Saturation are part of the game this tweaker line is no longer needed:

<value DisableSlowSpring="true" /> -- deleted in all files!

In order to make use of the new parameters the Spring Function should be enabled in the wheel driver, on the CSW "SPr" value 10-150.

Official description of the function a.k.a. FFB at standstill:

Low Speed Spring Coefficient & Saturation - The weight of the steering at slow speeds (<10mph) and when the car is stationary.
The saturation is the maximum force for the spring and the coefficient is how quickly the spring takes effect. To avoid "cogging / notching"
effects when stationary its best to leave the spring coefficient high and lower the saturation.

v1.7 files
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