Far Cry Weekend Cup 2021 (16th and 17th of October)

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Hello fellow Far Cry players!

We would like to invite everyone to participate in our Weekend Cup 2021 and celebrate the 6th anniversary of our LR multiplayer add-on.

During the weekend of the 16th and 17th of October 2021 we will host an ASSAULT and an FFA competition and everyone is welcome to participate. Play for the victory or just for the fun of it – it is free and everyone is welcome!

The Weekend Cup starts in the afternoon and continues into the early evening hours. Just visit our website for more detailed information and timetables.

Have we got you interested? Then join the party and sign up here:


Please provide your player name with and without color tags. TeamSpeak 3 is also required. You are of course free to sign up for both competitions — ASSAULT and FFA — or just for one Cup.

Feel free to join our TeamSpeak server: https://www.tsviewer.com/index.php?page ... ID=1125043

Or keep yourself up-to-date by joining our Discord: https://discord.gg/YmeEm4c

Best regards,

your LRv3 Team!
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Changed this post from normal to an announcement Krieger :salute:
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