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Anyone here have a decent PSU tester? ...preferably one that has an LED screen that gives you detailed info of current as opoosed to blinking lights that just indiciate there is a current ...though how much is anyones guess.

Thinking of getting one, looking for a decent one.

This looks decent: ... 43058.html
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My guess is as good as yours.

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Business or pleasure? for business a blinky led one will do and then you need a new psu sir/madam :p

for pleasure you need a 55w 12 halogen bulb, a reasonable multimeter and a bent paperclip :lol: tutorials are on the web
you could take it apart and visually inspect the components, you'll usually find a capacitor or several that have failed
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I've always used a multimeter as I can test the rails while they are still connected :good:
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