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Sup players, ... ubcat=1892

I like the specs of this, money isn't too steep either for the specs I'm just stuck on what graphics card to go for as you all know I haven't got the patience knowledge or willpower to even consider building my own.

I'm thinking of goin for an nvidia just need to know what this machine can handle with its psu and i want it to last me a few years. Literally lost track of what's new in the Gfx world as my 8800 is still amazing to me :s.

Also if any1 knows of a better build for money on other sites would be handy although I've had 3 machines of overclockers and they can't be fault with the quality.

Thanks for ya time, peace x

Ps. I was looking at a few older posts and was confused about sandy bridge and bulldozer? Or are they two completely different things lol x
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Sandybridge is Intel and Bulldozer is AMD :)
How far are you from the Dartford pipe?? Professional build service available 5 miles the other side from you :)
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dont bother i only ever see you play star wars :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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